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Astudia is a small business with a huge vision.  The vision is a full performing arts school with a very special and unique environment that fosters artistic growth.  Amazingly, the school opened its doors at the peak of a bad economy and florished.  The founders attribute the success and continual growth of the school to the pursuit of the original vision.

Astudia is looking for committed individuals who understand that they play a part in creating our unique environment.  We need staff members who mutually respect each other's roles with support and understand that neglected duties create unnecessary burdens.  We want staff members who are thorough, understand the importance of follow up, and truly know when something is complete.  Our team needs more than someone that's just looking for another job.  We hope you want to be part of something special.

Thank you for considering becoming part of the Astudia team!
TEACHER ASSISTANT PROGRAM - Believe it or not, one of the best ways to learn is to teach.  Astudia has an assistant program with no cost for enrollment.  This program offers several benefits for participants in addition to a cost free learning experience.  Candidates must be approved by an Astudia Instructor.  Click the button to request more information, or to seek enrollment in our teacher assistant program.

Below is a list of employment positions at Astudia, Inc.  If you would like to be considered for any of these positions as they become available, please send your resume to employment@astudiadance.com so we may have it on file.

Dance Instructor

Music Instructor

Customer Service Representative

Organizational/Appearance Specialist
THE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - There is no better way to understand a job than by actually doing it. That’s exactly what Astudia's internship program offers: a chance to do meaningful, hands-on work for a business that specializes in performing arts education.

You’ll learn valuable and practical skills working with our staff members. The experience you gain will help develop your resume for the future.  Click the button to request more information, or to apply for our internship program.