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New Customer Guide
A simple overview to help you get started!
Start Up Cost?  One class is $49 a month plus a $30 registration fee.    The registration fee is a one-time fee as long as the student stays enrolled.

Additional classes will discount price!
What To Wear?  Astudia does not have a strict dress code.  We do ask that students at least wear basic ballet shoes and tight fitting clothes so we can see their body lines.

Basic dancewear is available at Astudia.  A typical start up outfit consists of shoes, skirt, top, & tights.  Approximately $80

Beginning Classes For New Students?  Click the button below to see a short list of classes highly recommended for new students.  

Didn't Find A Class?  Try searching here!
How Do I Sign Up?  The only paperwork needed is a completed registration & waiver form.  Once we have that and you've paid the fees, the student can begin the Astudia experience!

Completing the                                   before your initial visit makes the process much smoother.

I'm interested in Astudia!  If Astudia Dance World appears to be a place you would like to become a part of, then we invite you to create an online account.  Creating the account does NOT obligate you in any way.  Using our online system gives you 24 hour access and allows you to monitor the accuracy of your account.
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are new customers only allowed to sign up at the beginning of the month? No. Sign up anytime because Astudia will prorate the first month. You only pay for the remaining classes in that initial month of enrollment.

What is the frequency of tuition payments and when are they due?  Tuition is paid on a monthly basis and it is due on the 1st of each month.

Are customers require to sign a contract that obligates to pay tuition for a defined period of time?  Not for recreational students. Astudia Dance World wants our customers to stay because they like Astudia rather than financial obligation.  The only contracts we use are for our competition students.

May we have a free trial class to see if my child likes it?  No. Our experience has shown that a one time trial doesn't give an accurate representation of what the class is and how the student will enjoy it.  It is much better to sign up for the month and let the student become familiar.  If there is still an issue we can either find a better fit or the customer may discontinue without penalty.

Are students trapped if they find their class is not the most suitable? No. If for any reason a student does not feel a class is a good fit, we are happy to help you find a more suitable class. Our Instructors continually evaluate students to ensure proper placement.

What happens if we have to miss a class? Give our front desk proper notice of the absence and we will schedule a make up in a similar class. Or, use the opportunity to try a different type of class. 

May I watch my child during class?  Absolutely!  All our classrooms have viewing windows so your child is never out of sight.

Will students have any opportunities to perform? Astudia loves to perform! All students have the opportunity to perform in our annual June recital. Plus there are many other performance opportunities for any student that has interest.

Will tuition be adjusted if class is cancelled due to a holiday?  No.  We balance our closures with other months that have 5 weeks of classes. This works out to 48 hours per class per year.  Everyone receives their money's worth with us!

Payment Convenience?  Astudia accepts check, cash, and credit card payment.

Online Payment:  A potentially more convenient option than visiting our front desk to pay tuition.  Login to your account as monthly tuition is posted and pay online.  Very simple to use!

Auto-Pay:  This is a simple and easy payment option!  It removes the worry over due dates and late fees.  Simply complete the authorization form and bring it into Astudia Dance World.  

Where is Astudia Dance World?  We are located in the Black Mountain area of Henderson.  270 E Horizon Dr Suite 103, 89015

                     or call 702-451-8054 for directions.
(We offer $10 of the cost of registration for new accounts that choose to go on the auto-pay option.)