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Kids Combo: A fun introduction to the basics of dance. This is a forty-five minute class designed to compliment the attention span of a young dancer. It introduces a combination of dance styles that could include tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and gymnastics.  The combo classes give your child a solid foundation for future success in dance.

Tappin' Tutus:  A class for kids that covers the basics of Ballet and Tap. This is an enjoyable class that gives the young ones a great foundation by developing the ballet technique needed for all forms of dance, and musicality associated with the rhythmic style of tap.

Acro / Tumbling:  These classes incorporate gymnastics into dance. Students will develop strength and flexibility as they learn fundamental acrobatic and tumbling skills. Classes teach balance, control, and how to use their new tricks to highlight dance moves.

Tap: A lively, fun dance style where rhythmic patterns and sounds are created and executed with the feet. This class is excellent for coordination and fun for all ages.  Benefits of tap dancing include increased rhythm, timing, and agility.

Hip Hop: A high energy class highlighting the popular dance steps seen in current music videos. This style combines street dance, funk, and self-expression. It is a perfect venue for creativity and provides great exercise. All music and choreography are age appropriate.

Ballet: Ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance. It is a total body workout that requires both discipline and focus, but can also be extremely enjoyable. The basic principles of classical ballet are taught including barre work, center floor, and body placement. This is the perfect class to develop poise, grace, and confidence!  

Lyrical:  A fusion of classical ballet technique with modern and jazz dance.  This class uses contemporary music and places emphasis on expressing yourself throught the choreography and music.  Improvisation, self expression, and technique are all artistic components of lyrical dance.

Jazz: An upbeat class focusing on the latest moves, but also combining many styles and techniques. Classes include center floor work, progressions across the floor, and combinations. Students will learn kicks, turns, leaps, and flexibility. Jazz increases memory and develops movement patterns.

Musical Theater: This class brings the exciting world of Broadway to life. Students will learn how to act and move as if being in a musical. Some of the activities will consist of theater style dance, skits, acting games and musical education. Your child will become more confident and comfortable speaking, acting and dancing in front of crowds. 

Available Dance Classes